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Zooier Than Thou was founded on the idea of being decentralized media. In this spirit, we’d like your help spreading ZooTT across YouTube. On this page, you’ll find video clips and episodes that you can upload to your own YouTube channels. Choose your favorite skits and discussions and share them on any video site you’d like! Check out our guide on creating an alternate, zooey YouTube channel, and use the resources here to democratize ZooTT!

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The idea is to be visible, searchable, and not to violate YouTube’s TOS as best as possible. Be sure to tag your videos so they can be found!

Can’t find a skit?

Some skits, such as Ask Zooey, have not been included, as they are more likely to violate YouTube’s TOS. However, if there’s a skit or discussion missing that you’d like to host, e-mail us using the form on the front page with the subject: “ZooTube Skit Request.”

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These videos can be uploaded by anyone, even without verifying your account! These may be the easiest to upload, but they may not be as substantive as longer content.

Full Episodes

Wanna help us out by mirroring our channel? These are the real deal, full episodes! But remember, they also include skits like Ask Zooey and are more likely to be flagged. Your account will need to be verified.

Credits Data

If you’re uploading full episodes, it may be helpful to have the credits data to fill into YouTube’s description section. Below, you’ll find current credits data for all episodes, including bonus content. You also have the option of downloading a zip of all the data up to Nov. 1, 2020. Included are chapter tags, brief descriptions of the episodes, and media credits for music and sound effects. It’s always good to give credit where credit is due!

allcredits9 20 2021
s1e1 5 a pair of april fools
s1e1 the exposure solution
s1e10 5 happy zoo year
s1e10 tis the season for coming out
s1e11 5 a zoos legacy
s1e11 tales of zoo history
s1e12 5 twelve months of zoott
s1e12 zeta verein
s1e2 5 zoosadism update
s1e2 weighty matters
s1e3 5 grazing the zoott mailbag
s1e3 our best selves
s1e4 5 zoo pride day
s1e4 faustys cardboard stand in
s1e5 5 the safety dance
s1e5 it gets zooier
s1e6 5 media mastery
s1e6 the world needs zooish wisdom
s1e7 5 lucid moments
s1e7 women in the zoo community
s1e8 5 bonus the legend of thomas granger
s1e8 5 howloween
s1e8 healthy happy and zooey
s1e9 5 thankful for non zoo allies
s1e9 legal beagles part 1
s2e1 bonus around the world sweden svad
s2e1 bonus the politics of veganism
s2e1 the path forward
s2e10 bonus 2020 reflections 2021 resolutions
s2e10 bonus amen
s2e10 bonus the orign of zooier than thou
s2e10 it starts with respect
s2e11 bonus crabs in a bucket part 2
s2e11 therianthropy
s2e12 how to make a podcast
s2e2 bonus zoom zencastr and animal crossing
s2e2 the furry fandom
s2e3 bonus felching swat teams and depositions
s2e3 mixed relationships zoos and non zoos
s2e4 a culture of caring
s2e5 zoo pride 2020
s2e6 bonus cry harder
s2e6 bonus mindfulness meditation
s2e6 bonus pyrometra psa
s2e6 healthy happy and zooey 2020
s2e7 bonus discussion with a non zoo
s2e7 bonus double dog dare
s2e7 bonus the furry who would be zoo
s2e7 trans people in the zoo community
s2e8 bonus 14 werewolves
s2e8 bonus zootube
s2e8 howloween 2020
s2e9 bonus crabs in a bucket part 1
s2e9 the traveling zoo
s3e1 bonus pan hu the doggie king
s3e1 bonus youre the stud
s3e1 religion and zoophilia
s3e2 bonus understanding zoosadism and defining gray areas
s3e2 defining our culture and our spaces
s3e3 bonus half of what you are
s3e3 get help
s3e4 before stonewall the high cost of silence
s3e4 bonus king of the pride
s3e5 bonus loud and proud
s3e5 following in queer footsteps
s3e6 coming out 2021
s3e7 what matters most
s3e8 bonus around the world peru tree
s3e8 bonus in the meadows
s3e8 howloween 2021
s3e9 so whats the deal with veganism

Having Trouble? Need help?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you run into any problems downloading videos, uploading videos, creating YouTube accounts, etc., or if you want to suggest a particular segment you don’t see here, contact us through the contacts page with a relevant subject line, and we’ll see what we can do! Thanks for your help!

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