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Zooier Than Thou was founded on the idea of being decentralized media. In this spirit, we’d like your help spreading ZooTT across YouTube. On this page, you’ll find video clips and episodes that you can upload to your own YouTube channels. Choose your favorite skits and discussions and share them on any video site you’d like! Check out our guide on creating an alternate, zooey YouTube channel, and use the resources here to democratize ZooTT!

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The idea is to be visible, searchable, and not to violate YouTube’s TOS as best as possible. Be sure to tag your videos so they can be found!

Can’t find a skit?

Some skits, such as Ask Zooey, have not been included, as they are more likely to violate YouTube’s TOS. However, if there’s a skit or discussion missing that you’d like to host, e-mail us using the form on the front page with the subject: “ZooTube Skit Request.”

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Credits Data

If you’re uploading full episodes, it may be helpful to have the credits data to fill into YouTube’s description section. Below, you’ll find current credits data for all episodes, including bonus content. You also have the option of downloading a zip of all the data up to Nov. 1, 2020. Included are chapter tags, brief descriptions of the episodes, and media credits for music and sound effects. It’s always good to give credit where credit is due!

Having Trouble? Need help?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you run into any problems downloading videos, uploading videos, creating YouTube accounts, etc., or if you want to suggest a particular segment you don’t see here, contact us through the contacts page with a relevant subject line, and we’ll see what we can do! Thanks for your help!

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