Fausty is no stranger to the zoo community, a name that’s both famous and infamous, (depending on whom you ask :-). Known for his decades of outspoken (read: too-many-damned-words) frontline cross-species activism, his work in computer security and privacy, and for literally jumping off of cliffs & other tall(-ish) stuff (as BASE 715), Fausty enjoys reading everything he can get his paws on, studying law, not-yet-dying of (non-resectable BRAF V600E-mutated stage 4 metastatic malignant melanoma) cancer, and being an incredible dork (<– the dork part is 100% true story ~fausty ;-).

Toggle brings his background in Communications and Media to the table. Though it may sound like his balls haven’t dropped yet, Toggle has spent over a decade behind the scenes advocating for animal rights. Toggle likes to spend his free time screenwriting, making terrible puns, and riding his motorcycle into the sunset.

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