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Special Guest: Volf

Thanks to our friends and loved ones for putting up with us being shut up in a studio recording, or stuck in meetings writing, or slaving into the wee hours of the morning on a coffee-fueled work binge.

Special Thanks to everyone in the community that participated in this episode! We love you so much!


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Fausty: Greetings, fellow zoos, and welcome to another media mongling episode of Zooier Than Thou! I am your passionate maniac, Fausty.

Toggle: And I’m Toggle, insightfully recognized by 12-year-old twitter royalty as a supporter of mass shootings.

Fausty: And we’ll be your press-schnozzling guides this episode.

Toggle: Boy oh boy, what a weekend!

Fausty:Suck my enormous, sweaty donkey balls, twitter. And I mean that with all my heart.

Toggle: (laughs) Some of you will actually like that.

Fausty: I always have.

Toggle: And some of you just can’t handle that kind of man.

Fausty: I always could.

Toggle: The best thing about twitter is laughing and having fun on twitter.

Fausty: You know me, I’m just a barrel of monkeys.

Toggle: That sounds kind of vicious.

Fausty: That’s what I mean. Did someone mention draft horse sheaths?

Toggle: No, Fausty, nobody mentioned draft horse sheaths. But now that you mention it, let’s have a moment of silence while we dream of draft horse sheaths.

Fausty: Whew.

Toggle: God damn, that was kind of intense.

Fausty: I enjoyed myself.

Toggle: I can see that.

Fausty: Shall we actually start this episode?

Toggle:Yes, let’s go ahead and start with a really long and wonderful e-mail from Brother Goodboy. We’ve had to edit it down a bit, cuz it was so long it broke our website e-mail submission system.

Fausty: Wow. Is there a character limit? We should fix that.

Toggle: Yeah, I don’t know what that’s about. Anyway, Brother Goodboy writes:

Hello, Zooier Than Thou hosts!

I just want to say, first off, that I really love the podcast, you’re doing such a great job with it. Being a zoo is one of the deeper circles, in a long list of things about myself that I’ve had to come to terms with in my life, and which I thought, once upon a time, that I would be alone with forever, and take to my grave, without ever telling another soul. From gay, to furry, to zoo… Each one of those was a struggle over time.

Yet, for even zoo, I eventually found others, some of whom I found really good connections with. And now, in real life even, I have a decently sized local community that gets together regularly, and with whom I can share the camaraderie of just simply being openly who we are together. It’s a really great feeling. I wanna let all the younger generation of new zoos out there who may be listening know that, if I can do it, so can you! There is hope, and you are not alone. And, I wanna thank you, Zooier Than Thou podcast, for the great thing you’re doing, with just simply being a presence and beacon of community.

Anyway! With all of that preface out of the way, I’d like to tell you a story, which is actually the main reason that I wanted to write in in the first place!

So, a couple of months ago, a fellow furry, but non-zoo (who I was not out to in that way) friend of mine, took me out to see a movie. The movie was called The Death of Dick Long, a somewhat indie film, that apparently had won some film festival awards, and was going around a small tour of the country before general release. After the lights dimmed, and the first few scenes started to play out, a ball of adrenaline burst in my stomach, my heart started pounding in my chest, and my palms could not stop sweating. I had no idea how I was going to be able to talk about this movie with my friend afterwards, much less sit still through it all, depending on how it went.

Yeah, so this is happening. The first quarter of the movie, I would have been hard pressed to say that I was not watching “Zoo”, the actual documentary.

Now… the thing of it is… As a zoo, you could be forgiven to expect that such a story would be done very poorly, and the main character to be portrayed as an evil cartoon villain. But, the movie did not do that, at all. This movie treated the character with respect, and as an actual, real, human being. In fact, in one of the last scenes, when the main guy knows that he’s gonna get caught, his very last act is, not to try to save himself, but instead, to try to save and free the stallion that he and his friends shared together for years, for fear of what would happen to the stallion. And that was pretty awesome.

There was another thing about this movie that really struck me. I have actually seen this plot before. This is exactly the plot of so many movies I used to see on cable, growing up as a kid in the 80’s, about some person being gay, and the world finding out about it. The whole thing. There is even one very specific movie that was showcased in the documentary, “The Celluloid Closet.”At one part in that movie, there’s this whole scene where the gay guy – husband, father – has just been discovered by his wife, and she’s totally screaming at him for being this monster (gay.) And finally he yells back, “Well maybe it is wrong! But it’s the only way that I know how to live!”

Now, a real gay person would not think that they are wrong. They know that the rest of the world is just fucked up about that, and that’s why they were forced to lie and hide who they are. But, back then, decades ago, that line was the closest that the straight world could come to conceding a point for letting a gay person be who they are. Thanks, straights. Baby steps I guess. ;-P

Fast forward 30 – 40 years later now, and (thankfully) you could not make that movie any more. The real, huge, totally ironic kicker here, about The Death of Dick Long, is (are you ready for this?) It is a LESBIAN cop that hunts them down. There is one final scene, where she is back at home, making dinner with her cute little domestic lesbian house wife. And she’s talking about the case, and how disgusting and sick in the head the main guy must be… but does manage to muster up some little bit of, don’t understand it, but ok, sympathy for him.

And I am just… screaming in my head… Do you even hear yourself right now? Do you see where you are right now? Do you fucking understand that, if this were 30 years ago, then this movie would be all about YOU, and how sick you are, for having the audacity to be in a loving relationship with this other woman? You monsters, you.

So, the movie ends. And the writer and director come out on stage, and give a whole long Q&A. Suuuper nervously, I raised my hand, and… I got called on. I brought up that same commentary that I wrote about above. I’d seen this sort of movie, about gay people in the 80’s. That used to be the big secret. And… their faces kind of fell, and they said something like, “Well no… I don’t really think that’s the same kind of thing.” And then they moved on. ;-P

So, that was disappointing. Not surprising, not unexpected. They made a really good movie about what it’s like to live in the world as a zoo. But, they still could not bring even themselves to quite understand it. And, they probably COULD NEVER EVEN HAVE IMAGINED that one of the subjects of their movie was there, trying to explain it to them! If only they knew. It’s a pretty good movie. Maybe they should watch it sometime.

Anyway! Apart from my small local group, I’ve been feeling a little alone with that story, and I wanted to share it with you! I hope you enjoyed it. The Death of Dick Long is a very good movie, and I think that all zoos should see it. (They’re also the film makers behind Swiss Army Man, by the way – another good film, that everyone should see!)

Thanks for listening, love the show, stay Zooey!

Brother Goodboy


Media Mastery

  • Trying to second guess how the world will look at what we do is a fool’s errand
    • we can’t frame ourselves around what they think they’ll think
    • do the right thing first. step two is appearances.
    • never do things because of how you want things to look
      • they don’t look at us in an objective, fact-based way
  • Smart social media – SonicFox – media mastery
    • AOC
  • I don’t need a journalist to tell my story as a minority
    • Black Lives Matter — Immediacy, Power
      • Couldn’t be throttled by conventional society
      • It was created and shared by the communities for which is was important
      • no permission needed
  • Mainstream media has failed in telling our stories
    • not interested; lied about our stories
    • marginalized communities are never given a platform
      • they have to fight the gatekeepers
      • The old model – part of the apparatus of persecution and control
        • silences
        • erases our existence
        • dehumanizes
  • We have to manifest a confidence in our own narrative, because that’s historically what we’ve not had
    • We must do more than stand in opposition to positions
      • New platforms requires us to stand in support of what matters to us
      • constructive, rather than destructive
      • We don’t find our voice through opposition to other narratives
        • dead end
        • fighting false narratives without constructing and empowering your own narrative
        • lacking a narrative means lacking agency
          • dead
        • people will derail our narratives; bated into reacting to bullshit
        • AOC
        • Tweet what you want; ignore what you want
  • We are not used to speaking in our own voice about things we are passionate about
    • systematically silenced, internalized silence
      • inner city schools
        • self-censorship
  • Media empowerment, owning our own media presence
    • spectacularly, gorgeously weird
    • to be ourselves is all we have to do
    • our diversity is a feature, not a bug
    • it’s not a question of crafting the perfect message
    • it’s about stepping forward and being complete human beings
  • Laws are psychological warfare
    • not to protect anybody
    • they’re to make you feel like a criminal
    • anything harmful is already illegal, and can be applied everywhere
  • The opposition we face on twitter is childish
    • political twitter is actually more vehement
    • a critical part of media mastery is knowing who to tune out
      • you have that power!
    • experiment with the tools you have
      • DO IT
        On behalf of zooTT and our listeners, we want to thank you for what you did, for using your voice to present an honest and powerful view of our community.


Interview with Volf

  1. What do you feel was the most important point that you made in the interview?
  2. Was this the first time you’ve done an interview in your own voice?
  3. What was it like to talk about your identity in your own voice?
  4. What advice would you give others who may be considering these kinds of opportunities in the future?
  5. Thinking specifically about the hosts, do you feel like they were genuine in their desire for dialog, or was it a pretext for a pre-ordained kangaroo court?
  6. Given the vastly larger footprint of this podcast compared to where you were interviewed, what would you like to say to those two hosts… who we’re quite sure are listening to this podcast about their show?


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